The effects of our customer satisfaction policy can be seen in the letters we receive and the remarks we hear from our customers. Here are just a few.


"The results have been far beyond our expectations. Three people now work comfortably in the same office with no glare and a temperature several degrees less than in those offices that have not yet had the window tine treatment."

Gerry Gerling, General Manager

Pals Survey Ltd. – Edmonton, AB

Pals Survey Ltd.
"As promised, this product has reduced the heat generated in our office by at least 50% and we are more than satisfied with the results."

Lawrence M. Pals, President


The picture shows the Pals Survey Building, with R-20 Silver film on the sloped, factory-tinted bronze glass above the reception desk. The folks in the front office really appreciate how comfortable it is now that the sun doesn't melt them every day.

"SuperTint is highly recommended; we have found the quality of work to be exceptional."

Marjorie Peterson, Administrative Supervisor

Fountain Tire – Sherwood Park, AB

Fountain Tire - Sherwood Park, AB
"Having had some time to check out the performance, I have to say the SolarShades work just fine, and they look great!"

Dan Henderson, Manager

Residence – Spruce Grove, AB

"Just a note to let you know how much we're enjoying our newly tinted windows. The east and west installations have made these rooms more pleasant, as both the heat and glare have been considerably reduced."

Jane Gilchrist

Freedom Ford – Edmonton, AB

Freedom Ford - Edmonton, AB
"This product is fantastic. Before SuperTint put their film on our windows, we couldn't see a thing. Now we can see it all."

Mikes Norris, Sales Manager


And here's a picture of their showroom; R-50 light silver film on clear glass cuts the glare inside, but still allows people to see into the showroom.

Residence + Vehicle – Edmonton, AB

"After being so completely satisfied with the results of your product on our kitchen windows and those of our Mazda MPV, it was only fitting that we would have our new vehicle outfitted in your latest 'super tint'."

Doug Thomas

Danadam Consulting Inc. – Edmonton, AB

"The anti-glare film applied to the south-facing doors of my business has proven to be one of my best investments. On even the hottest days, there is virtually no increase in the room temperature due to the sun."

Colin C. Mowat, President

National Design & Drafting

"Our office building faces east and the mornings were terrible with the sun beating through the glass. Your window film has certainly solved our problem."

Nova-Lee Duro, Business Manager

Residence – St.Albert, AB

"After four years, we are still impressed with and are enjoying our 'SuperTinted' windows. There is no indication of peeling or deterioration. Our house is definitely more comfortable in the summer, and an added satisfaction is the privacy it affords."

Hank and Alma Pachal

Franchise & Co – A Toshiba of Canada Company

Franchise & Co
"The tinting applied to the windows remains in place today and continues to provide the same level of comfort which your company assured us of in 1991."

Harry Hays, Business Manager


The picture shows the building with R-35 medium silver film on factory-tinted bronze windows.

Links Clinic – Edmonton, AB

"SuperTint has been an excellent company to do business with. They have shown initiative, efficiency, and an ability to cause the least amount of disruption to the running of the clinic during the installation of their products. I commend their efforts and recommend their workmanship to anyone needing screening products."

R. Jane Lemm, Operations Manager

Residence – Sherwood Park, AB

"A day before my install date, the temperature reading on my digital thermometer hit 42 degrees C. A day after the installation (which turned out to be a hotter day than the one before), direct sunlight on my digital; thermometer read 23 degrees. What an amazing difference."

Dean Simpson