Green Leaf

Did you know:

  • 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings.
  • As much as 1/3 of the cooling required in a building can be attributed to solar heat gain.
  • Conventional window films can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 83%.

Whether you own a building or a home we can help you to reduce your energy consumption. The result is a smaller carbon footprint and money saved, a perfect combination. Our planet has a fixed amount of natural resources available, and as its inhabitants, it is our responsibility to conserve it. As a company, and as individuals, SuperTint adopts and supports the green initiative. We are proud to provide products to the building industry that assist current and future energy conservation efforts.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) is a consensus-based system for designing, building, operating and certifying the worlds greenest buildings. It is point-based and you achieve points for meeting certain criteria outlined in the LEED rating guide. This program has set a new standard in green building and energy savings by following strict guidelines throughout the whole design, build and commissioning process.

If you are currently working on or plan to take part in LEED projects in the future please contact us to understand how SuperTint may be able to help you to achieve points for various credits.

SuperTint stand behind these processes and embraces them whole-heartedly. As we move forward with our green initiative we are doing our part to assist all related industry professionals partaking in LEED projects through education and awareness.

SuperTint is proud of our reputation for outstanding service and the highest standard of window films and installation. SuperTint has been install window film in the Greater Edmonton area since 1979. You can count on our established reputation based on reliable customer service and competitive pricing. You will find a broad range of products, and dedicated employees with experience and resources to fill your window film requirements. We are one step further in using the latest in eco-friendly products to help your building project qualify for LEED certification. We are working harder to encourage our team members to continue increasing their knowledge and understanding of green building and commitment to sustainability by meeting higher performance standards in environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.